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DigiState expands infrastructure ValueCare to Dataplace Utrecht

September 10, 2019

DigiState, specialized in IT-services and managed services with customers across Europe, has acquired rack space at data center Dataplace Utrecht for her customer ValueCare. Here DigiState will ensure the expansion of infrastructure of ValueCare. In the meantime the implementation has been commenced and according to schedule this location will be operational at the beginning of October.

DigiState will take care of the complete IT-infrastructure of ValueCare, service provider for Business Intelligence and Risk Management especially within the healthcare sector. Therefore accessibility,  safety and privacy are essential requirements for her infrastructure. According to Marin Heideman, founder and owner of DigiState, that is why Dataplace is a logical choice: "Dataplace Utrecht is equipped entirely redundantly to be able to meet the highest accessibility requirements. Furthermore the data center obtained the most stringent security certificates. By implementing the expansion at Dataplace Utrecht we are able to ensure that ValueCare can continuously deliver her high quality services to her own customers.

The present infrastructure of ValueCare is located within the area of Amsterdam. Consequently the choice for Dataplace Utrecht results in geographical distribution of data centers. "With this location of Dataplace we are able to establish a multi-datacenter environment in order to further increase the level of accessibility.” Heideman explains. "In addition we can create scenario's for disaster recovery and fallback, so even at an exceptional emergency situation the business continuity will not be compromised."

Besides that it was important to achieve efficient connectivity with other partners from ValueCare. As they purchase services at Dataplace Utrecht, DigiState can take care of optimum network features between the infrastructure of ValueCare and the infrastructure of her partners. Paul Faas, Manager Marketing & Segments Sales, likes to see such relationships: "Dataplace Utrecht is pleased to welcome ValueCare as first customer from DigiState. This enhances our position as facilitator where solutions of service providers converge in the interest of the customer."

As ValueCare has outsourced the management to DigiState completely, she has full confidence in this new location. Jan van Leeuwen, Partner at ValueCare: "ValueCare works with sensitive data of amongst others healthcare providers. We know DigiState as a reliable partner with a focus on security. Therefore we fully support the well-substantiated choice of DigiState for this new location of Dataplace Utrecht. Furthermore DigiState is flexible in her procedure with short communication lines. As a result we can quickly turn to such choices.


About DigiState

DigiState is operational since 2007 and focused on hosting services, including webhosting, domain name registration and SSL-certificates. Especially managed hosting and e-commerce are part of the core business. In addition DigiState offers services regarding security, server maintenance and VoIP. The team of DigiState operates from the office in Nieuwegein. Besides the Dutch market DigiState also serves international customers across Europe, such as Vos Logistics and 50plusmatch. DigiState represents not only great accessibility of the hosting services and the helpdesk as well, clear terms and fast service, but also secure hosting. Therefore DigiState supports entrepreneurs actively with the secure structure, use and application of their hosting environment.

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About Dataplace

Dataplace is established in 2010 and is part of the Eurofiber Group since 2016. From four modern carrier neutral Tier III datacenters in the regions of Rotterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem and Brabant high quality (twin) datacenter services are provided. The fifth datacenter, located near Amsterdam, is being built at this moment and will open her doors at the end of 2019.

Dataplace obtained the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, NEN 7510 certificates and an ISAE-3402 type II statement. The distinctive capacity of Dataplace reflects in knowledge and experience in datacenter management and in the personal attention to customers. Meanwhile many IT related companies, authorities, health care organizations and quoted companies are satisfied with these services. Customers from Dataplace rate the service providing with an 8,5 as general score.

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About ValueCare

We are ValueCare. And we provide Business Intelligence-solutions. Herewith we ensure that you and your colleagues can decide and act for yourselves based on the data and targets of your company.  We differentiate us by an intuitive search technology. Search technology which helps you to find the right information. Well-informed and fact based. What else makes our company different is the fact that we share knowledge. This way you have immediate access to a library with relevant KPI-reports and checkups from the network. We share this knowledge actively. Hereby our customers continue to lead the way and we are able to share insights, efforts and costs with each other. The success of technology is defined by the way users deal with it. Therefore we always pay close attention to the end-users and we guarantee full reliability and security.

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