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Compose Network Connections and Dataplace sign partnership agreement

May 28, 2020

The company always strives to handle its business as professionally as possible, without losing its personal touch. It also strongly recognizes this balance in Dataplace. Recently, the two ambitious and innovative companies signed a partner contract to officially shape their collaboration.

Nick Mauriks, Account Manager at Compose, says: "The motivation behind the partnership is simple. A data centre migration can be a far-reaching task. We want to make this transition as easy as possible for the customer. Many companies are very keen to migrate, but don't know how. This is where we offer a helping hand. Clients are guided through the migration process in a professional way. Together we ensure a smooth transition to one of the Dataplace locations.

The trend to move ICT environments to a colocation party is highly visible. It is often difficult for these parties to find a solid partner for the migration. Thanks to the new partnership, Dataplace has the assurance that its customers can be professionally supported by Compose before, during and after the migration.

Within the data centre segment, Compose specialises in the migration of ICT environments. This means that they mainly take on an advisory and executive role during a data centre migration. For this purpose, a 'data centre migration team' has been set up with decades of experience in the industry. In some cases we will ' only ' act as a critical sparring partner; in most cases we supervise the entire migration process. In the end, you do it all together, but a helping hand with the necessary experience is often so useful".

Dave Dekkers, Manager Regional & Inside Sales at Dataplace: "One of the biggest challenges for new customers of Dataplace is how to execute the migration. Dataplace can assist with that, but now we've found a partner in Compose who can relieve our customer of all the challenges. This makes the choice to migrate to or from another data centre to Dataplace much easier! We are looking forward to a nice partnership with Compose!

About Compose Network Connections

Compose Network Connections has been active with connectivity solutions since 1992. Where the company started around 28 years ago as a supplier of passive components, it has since expanded into a full-fledged advisor and knowledge partner in the field of connectivity.
Connectivity starts with the click that the customer has with Compose and vice versa. Listening to each other, informing each other, questioning each other... These are all things that form the basis of a successful collaboration!