Collaboration between Lucrasoft and Dataplace

March 10, 2021

Working together to provide the best possible cloud support for companies; this is the driving force behind the collaboration between Lucrasoft and Dataplace. Lucrasoft ICT Beheer has tested and screened Dataplace's IaaS platform on the basis of their expertise and can in this way provide their customers with additional support in the transition to the Cloud.  

Dataplace has added the IaaS platform (VMware Cloud Director) to their product portfolio since the end of last year. Since then Lucrasoft and Dataplace have been in contact about a collaboration. The reason for this was to share each other's expertise in a business case.

The signing of the strategic collaboration agreement is an innovation of our cloud services. This involves looking at how both parties can empower each other in this area. By combining their resources, the customers of both companies can benefit from customized solutions that perfectly match their wishes in the IT field. Whereby Dataplace provides the infrastructure and Lucrasoft the managed services.  

"Due to the good relationship we have built in recent years, I am confident that with Lucrasoft we have found a suitable partner to help Dataplace in rolling out our customers' cloud strategy" says Fred da Graca of Dataplace. Wouter van Baardewijk from Lucrasoft agrees: "Due to the high quality of service and the good relationship that we have had with Dataplace for many years, we are looking forward to continuing this also with Dataplace's cloud solutions."

About Lucrasoft

We are 68 players, each with their own specialty. From Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and Zwolle we work as one team to support our relations worldwide with IT solutions. We develop, innovate, coach and try to grow a little bit every day. We always want to be the friendliest and most allround partner for our clients, to enable them to build their businesses. Our mission is based on unconditional support, straight to the point and heroes in socks. Inspiration, innovation and 1000 fans are the basis of our vision for the future.

About Dataplace

Dataplace has existed since 2010 and has been part of the Eurofiber Group since 2016. From six modern carrier-neutral Tier III data centres in the Rotterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem and Brabant regions, high-quality (twin) data centre services are delivered. From these locations both large and small IT environments are housed for various clients. In view of the developments in the IT , Dataplace also offers cloud solutions in addition to its colocation services. A hybrid cloud platform, a virtual data center solution based entirely on VMware and cloud connects, which enables a direct connection to the public cloud. Reliability, efficiency, sustainability and continuity are central to fulfilling our mission: to provide continuity and high-quality services 24/7 in a secure and redundant infrastructure.