Foto van een beveiligingscode op een deur die leidt naar een datacenter van Dataplace.


Announcement closure location Kleefse Waard

January 23, 2020

The last few years Dataplace has made a critical decision of her future development on the “Kleefse Waard” location. The combination of running a sustainability datacenter and the set of high demand of technical requirements Dataplace come to the unfortunately final conclusion that maintaining “Kleefse Waard” as a Dataplace datacenter location will not be possible if we compare this with the total innovation cost of fulfilling all these high demands.

Therefore, Dataplace comes to the final conclusion that the datacenter location “Kleefse Waard” is not future-proof as a data center. Dataplace has made unfortunately the finally decision to completely stop all her datacenter activities at the “Kleefse Waard” location on 1 October 2020.

Our other Dataplace location named as Dataplace Arnhem on the Tivolilaan will definitely remain her datacenter activities and will maintain her current and future datacenter services on this location.

This message only applies to the datacenter location "Kleefse Waard" and for questions or further clarification please contact us via: or +31 88 328 2752.