6 steps for the digital transformation of financial organizations

June 4, 2021

Financial organizations are facing a digital transformation due to different expectations, emerging technologies and changing business models. The use of the cloud is an example of this and is increasingly used by these organizations. In this blog, we therefore share 6 steps for the transition to the cloud, as part of this digital transformation.

Step 1: Determine what you can move to the hybrid cloud

With a hybrid cloud, you can move your apps or data between these 2 separate clouds. Customers only have to pay for resources they use temporarily. The purchase and maintenance of additional resources, which are often inactive for a longer period of time, is no longer necessary. This makes hybrid the norm for years to come.

Step 2: Think about where you store data

Financial service providers and other companies are required by the GDPR to follow certain rules regarding data from their EU customers. That is why they need to know exactly where the data is. You don't know this with just using a public cloud.

Step 3: Ensure supplier quality

Business-critical applications housed in a data center are expected to work 24/7. But what happens if there is an outage? You record this together with the data center in a Service Level Agreement.

Step 4: Check how the supplier guarantees continuity

Many financial service providers therefore use a twin data center. If one data center fails, the other data center takes care of this. That way you always have a backup.

Step 5: Make sure security is in order

Security is an important part of the cloud computing strategy for any company. For both your organization and the data center. Good agreements must therefore be made about this.

Stap 6: Ensure Connectivy

Many companies choose to purchase connectivity redundantly due to redundancy. If 1 connection fails, you always have another connection that takes over. This spreads the risk of failure.

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