Back-up tape rotation service

The continuity of your business is heavily reliant on stored data. Making back-up tapes and storing them safely and securely is critically important.

Safety first with our back-up tape rotation service

Once your IT infrastructure has been installed in our datacenter, changing and storing your back-up tapes becomes a complex logistical challenge. Having an employee travel repeatedly to and from our datacenter is costly in terms of time as well as money - and that for a relatively simple action. Our back-up tape rotation service provides the answer. Your company benefits above all from the convenience the service provides: we unburden you of the entire process, from changing the tapes to moving them to a safe storage location. Our service guarantees your back-up procedure is safely and securely executed.

Secure daily or weekly rotation of your back-up tapes

Our engineers can remove your back-up tapes from your servers, replace them with new tapes and store them in our secure data safe at regular intervals, for example daily or weekly. We work according to a fixed back-up tape rotation service schedule. This work schedule is naturally drawn up in consultation and shaped to suit your company.

Climate controlled and fire safe

To guarantee the safety and life expectancy of your back-up tapes, they are stored in a secure and fire-resistant safe. This safe is located in a separate area away from the data rooms, in the fire compartment of our building. In addition to being fire safe, this area is also temperature and humidity controlled. In this way we create optimum conditions for protecting your tapes against ageing, theft, fire and other damage.

Securely stored, simply restored

Storing your back-up tapes in our secure data safe guarantees the safe storage of your business critical data. It also enables you to restore lost or damaged data at any time.

If you would like to find out more about our rotation service, please contact us for further information or fill out the request form for a tailored quotation.