Support services

You have moved your IT infrastructure to our datacenter, significantly enhancing the continuity of your business.

Dataplace Support & Service

Now the servers have been outhoused, you may not have the time or opportunity to be on hand to continuously monitor your servers, or do quick maintenance work on them. With our practical support services we can perform various tasks on your behalf. Our aim is to make things as easy for you as possible, freeing you to concentrate on your core business.

Our support services

Engineers are always available at our datacenters to provide you with support. You can request services quickly and easily via our Customer Care Center.

Remote support & assistance

You cannot always be on hand to monitor your servers. But we can. Our engineers act as your hands & eyes and check whether everything is still running smoothly. Does a server need to be switched on and off? Does hardware need to be configured? Save yourself the time and effort of a trip to our datacenter and let one of our engineers do the work for you.

Back-up tape rotation service

You want to save your data as securely as possible. With our back-up tape rotation service, we ensure your back-up tapes are changed at regular intervals in a controlled manner. They are stored securely under fully controlled conditions. This assures safe handling of your back-up procedure.

Other facilities

Whether you need tools or materials, want to have a parcel delivered at our datacenter or want to move your servers - our datacenters are configured to ensure your IT environment remains operational at all times.