In order to guarantee the continuity of your IT infrastructure, our data center in Steenbergen has been set up completely redundantly.

All our internet connections, the power supply, cooling, fire prevention measures and our monitoring systems are designed to be fully redundant through duplication. The datacenter is fully configured for high density hosting and housing solutions.


Dataplace Nedzone has a ring-configured connection to the mains power grid. Two separated voltage circuits run from the main distributors to the 19" racks on the data floor: both coming from the UPS system (2N). All the racks are provided with power feeds protected by 32 Amp fuses. If mains power is lost, electricity will continue to be supplied to you via both power feeds. The UPS units have sufficient autonomy to guarantee the main generator and the back-up generator can be started. Once started, the main generator is able to meet all our power needs with a minimum of 24 hours without refuelling. We can replenish our fuel stocks as and when needed.

Power supply

kW available per rack
minimum 6kW

Autonomy back-up generators
Minimum 24 hours (without refuelling)

Power feed per entire rack
2x 32 Ampère No-Break



Cooling provided by
DX i.c.m. DirectFreeCooling (DFC)

Cold corridors