All our internet connections, the power supply, cooling, fire prevention measures and our monitoring systems are designed to be fully redundant through duplication. The datacenter is fully configured for housing solutions.


Dataplace Arnhem has a ring-configured connection to the mains power grid. Two separated voltage circuits run from the main distributors to the 19" racks on the data floor. Both circuits are protected by UPS systems. All the racks are provided with power feeds protected by 25 Amp fuses. If mains power is lost, electricity will continue to be supplied to you via the no-break power feeds. The no-break power supply consists of four UPS systems and two generators. The UPS systems can supply power to the datacenter for five minutes. As 10,000 litres (2 x 5,000 litres) of diesel are held in stock to supply the generators, Dataplace can operate for more than 48 hours independent of the mains power supply, if necessary.

Power supply

kW available per rack
minimum 5kW

Autonomy back-up generators
48 hours, minimum 24 hours (without refuelling)

Power feed per full 19" rack
2x 25 Ampère No-Break


Up to an outside temperature of approx. 12° Celsius, Dataplace Arnhem uses outside air for all its cooling. This is known as indirect free cooling with dry coolers. This method of cooling is very energy-efficient and hence environmentally friendly. When the outside air is warmer, the system switches over to mixed operation, which is a combination of free cooling and conventional cooling using a refrigerant. If the outside air temperature reaches approx. 18° Celsius, the datacenter is cooled entirely by conventional cooling. In both cases the air humidity is kept at a constant 30%-70%. All the main components of the cooling system also are configured for full redundancy, so that one dry chiller, one circulation pump and one downflow unit can always fail or undergo maintenance without this posing a risk for the temperature.


Cooling provided by
dry cooling / chillers with free cooling

Cold corridors