Relined Fiber Network is a supplier of Dark fiber with a national network in both the Netherlands and Germany and has, among other things, a finely meshed metro network in the Amsterdam region.

Relined Fiber Network is the leading independent supplier of reliable Dark Fibre connections. Because the company has access to more than 14,000 kilometres of high-quality fibre optic infrastructure, connections are possible to practically any location in the Netherlands. Dark fiber connections are maximally scalable, very safe and can also be supplied redundantly.

This also applies to the Amsterdam metro network, where Relined has its own Dark Fibre network. This means fixed, competitive rates for data centre connections, and Relined also adheres to high network standards and a delivery time of 1 to 3 weeks. Alongside 35 other carrier-neutral data centres, Dataplace Amsterdam is connected to this metro network recently. And that is why we now temporarily apply an even sharper rate for your connection to this data centre!

Advantages Relined Fiber Network

  • Dark Fibre connections are reliable, safe and optimally scalable.
  • Relined only offers Dark Fibre, the connection from A to B, and not the associated services. The rest is entirely up to you, so you have complete freedom in choosing a service.
  • If you choose Relined, you are choosing reliability, flexibility, quality and ‘being as good as our word’.
  • A professional and ethical attitude to work is key for Relined. Relined is pleased to join you in taking a proactive, solution-oriented approach to setting up a scalable and reliable network infrastructure.

The 'welcome to our network' action

Relined has several networks at its disposal, but has chosen to connect Dataplace Amsterdam to its own network in the Amsterdam metro. This way connections can be delivered at competitive rates and fast delivery times. These core values are in line with those of Dataplace Amsterdam, resulting in the best end product towards the customer.

Special offer

Dark Fibre connection (single) to Dataplace Amsterdam

On a contract period of 3 or 5 years now temporarily €50,- discount on your monthly fee.

More information about the offer can be found here. Contact the account manager directly? Then mail to Lennert Stoter:


  • This special offer is only valid for Dataplace Amsterdam
  • This special offer only applies to onnet data centers on Relined’s metro network in Metro Amsterdam Region
  • Delivery does not include patches / cross connects
  • Prices are excl. VAT
  • This special offer is not available in combination with other offers.
  • This special offer is valid only for orders, followed by an contract signed before 30 September 2020.

About Dataplace Amsterdam

Dataplace Amsterdam opened its doors on 1 May 2020. With this sixth data centre location, Dataplace strengthens its position in the regional, national and international data centre market. This complete 2N executed data center with a data center area of 2000m2 is the ideal location for both national and international organizations. The data centre is therefore located in an easily accessible location, easy to reach from the motorway and close to Schiphol Airport.