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Companies and organisations are increasingly reliant on digital and online data and applications. Many business processes are performed digitally and business critical information and customer data are almost exclusively stored in digital form. This makes the continuity and availability of your systems crucially important. Thanks to our WDM systems we provide you with that stability. WDM enables us to connect your IT infrastructure to various datacenter locations in the Netherlands via ultra-stable fiber-optic connections. For this reason, WDM is widely used for data replication and Cloud solutions, amongst other things.

Fiber-optic connections with high bandwidths and very low latency

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is a technology which utilises fiber-optic cables. As multiple connections can be combined in a single fiber pair, the number of physical connections can be kept to a minimum. As there is no need to install a new cable each time new connections are added, expansion is easier and effective cost savings can also be achieved, particularly where large distances are to be covered.
WDM connections offer very high bandwidths and low latency, making them ideally suited to real-time data replication and Cloud environments, for example. WDM connections also support multiple protocols, such as SDH, Ethernet, Fiber Channel and SDI video.

Dataplace manages various fiber-optic routes of its own. They were installed to serve our customers in transporting data to other datacenters. In addition to offering you a wide selection of carriers, Dataplace can, in some cases, also provide you with transport capacity to other locations.

Our fiber-optic routes

Dataplace's network includes fully geographically separated fiber-optic routes in a ring configuration. Several routes are installed. One route runs via Rotterdam (with breakout in R-IX, Schuttevaerweg 48, 3044BB Rotterdam), Leiden and Hoofddorp to the euNetworks datacenter (Paul van Vlissingenstraat 16, 1096BK Amsterdam). A second route runs via Gorinchem and Utrecht to the NIKHEF datacenter (Kruislaan 409, 1098SL Amsterdam). Another route runs directly to the R-IX and is also configured for redundancy in connection with Route 1, providing a ring to Rotterdam.

We also have our own fiber-optic routes connecting the datacenter locations Rotterdam (van Coulsterweg 6, Alblasserdam) and Utrecht (Koningin Wilhelminaweg 471, Groenekan), and the datacenter locations Utrecht (Koningin Wilhelminaweg 471, Groenekan) and Arnhem (Tivolilaan 251, Arnhem) are linked by a fiber-optic ring. Two separate fiber-optic routes also run from the datacenter location Utrecht to Amsterdam, where they terminate at Equinix AM3 and Equnix AM5 (formerly Telecity 5).

The above fiber-optic routes are maintained by Dataplace using WDM technologies and enable you to purchase WDM services at highly competitive rates at the aforementioned locations.


WDM is subdivided into Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing. The differences in specifications and quality between CWDM and DWDM determine which technology is best suited to your type of business and infrastructure. See the DWDM page for further information.

See potential for WDM in your company?

If you would like to know what benefits a WDM connection can deliver your business or organisation, we would be pleased to discuss the options and advantages with you in a face-to-face meeting. Please contact us to arrange a date when we can get together and explore the potential benefits for your business.