DWDM stands for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

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DWDM and CWDM both involve use of the same technology. In the case of DWDM, however, the ‘lambdas’, the wavelengths used for the connections, are less long and therefore more precise than is the case with CWDM. They are therefore of higher quality, making DWDM a more high-value and costly technology.

DWDM versus CWDM

The differences between DWDM and CWDM are therefore in the quality and application of the two technologies. In the case of DWDM, the lambdas can be set as little as 0.8 nanometres apart, many times closer than with CWDM. The capacity of DWDM is many times greater as a result. A second major difference is the distance that can be covered. A far greater distance, up to thousands of kilometres, can be covered using DWDM rather than CWDM, which is only suitable for far shorter distances.

The following table lists the main differences between DWDM and CWDM:

40 channels 2 channels
Frequencies Wavelenghts
Precisely defined Rough blocks
Suitable for long distances Suitable for shorter distances
High capacity Low capacity
More costly Cost-effective


DWDM application

The technical differences between the two technologies mean there are differences in their use. The difference in quality and the longer distances that can be covered mean that we overwhelmingly provide DWDM solutions for linking our own datacenter locations as well as those of a third party. These interconnections enable us to achieve high-quality connections at rapid speed. DWDM is therefore part of the choice in connection in the Twin Datacenter solution we offer.

Is DWDM the ideal solution for your business?

Does your business or organisation need a dedicated stable and secure connection managed by yourself and based on your own optics? Then we recommend you select a DWDM channel based on the Dataplace network between our datacenter locations or to the main nodes in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Naturally, we would be delighted to help you make the right choice.