Carrier neutral

Dataplace conducts an entirely carrier-neutral policy: one of the pillars of our services.

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Carrier neutral: fast and reliable data traffic

As we operate independently of all networks and providers, our customers have considerable freedom of choice in deciding which of the multiple carriers who provide their services through Dataplace they should purchase bandwidth and connectivity services from. You decide which network is best suited to your needs. And you can switch to another carrier whenever you wish.

Carrier neutral - an open marketplace for connectivity services

To enable this carrier neutral connectivity, Dataplace facilitates an open marketplace where you have the option of purchasing connectivity services from amongst many different providers. This way you always have access to the services of the carrier of your choice. New carriers who wish to provide their services through Dataplace are always welcome. This guarantees continuous expansion of the range of carriers and ensures fast and reliable data traffic is available to you at all times. Enabling us to justify our label as 'carrier neutral'.

What are the benefits for you?

Dataplace facilitates a free marketplace for network and connectivity services at its locations. This delivers you the following benefits:

  1. Freedom: freedom to choose any listed carrier, according to your wishes in terms of internet connectivity or your geographical requirements.
  2. Price-quality: you select the best performing networks at a price that suits you.
  3. Redundant connectivity: you can opt for a high-quality internet connection which is configured for full redundancy.
  4. Flexibility: changes in your business or needs may mean you are no longer satisfied with your choice of carrier. With Dataplace you can switch to another carrier, or contract multiple carriers, at any time.

For carriers wanting to provide their services at Dataplace

Are you a carrier interested in providing your services at Dataplace? Please contact us if you would to find out more about how to unlock the benefits of Dataplace for your own network.