Secure and reliable housing of your IT infrastructure, with 100% uptime, flexible potential for growth, sound advice and energy-efficient cooling.

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Secure and stable housing

Continuity and stability of your IT infrastructure. Always online and operational. That is the foundation on which your business can continue to grow. That is the focus of our services. Housing your IT infrastructure in one of our Tier III datacenters guarantees you this essential stable basis for your business.

Our colocation services

We provide colocation services for businesses and organisations with ambition, however large or small, from start-up to enterprise.

  • Renting rack space

Rent rack space in a secure, shielded area and enjoy 24/7 independent and unrestricted access to your own servers. Read more about renting rack space.

  • Renting a private corridor, cage or suite

Where your business has a sizeable IT structure or privacy is important, renting a private cage, suite or corridor offers the ideal solution. Read more about private cages.

  • Shared colocation

Our shared colocation service allows you to house your own server(s) in our shared area, which is configured for full redundancy. Complete with fast internet connections, power supply, cooling, fire prevention measures and monitoring systems. Read more about shared colocation.

  • Twin datacenter solution

Housing your IT infrastructure at two geographically separated locations with the same reliable party significantly reduces the risk of downtime and is ideal for synchronous data replication and making continuous back-ups. Find out more about our twin datacenter solution.


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This is Dataplace:

Reliable advice

For many years we too were a customer of various large datacenters, so we know exactly what you are looking for. We are dedicated to using this experience and our technical expertise to create the right solution for your business.

Continuity through redundant (N+1) infrastructure

We leave nothing to chance. Redundancy that is built in to our (back-up) power, fire protection, cooling and network systems guarantees the continuity of our infrastructure on which your organisation depends.

Flexibility and potential for growth

Quarter racks, half-racks, full 19” racks, an entire corridor, private cage or private suite? No matter how large and complex your IT infrastructure, now and in the future, Dataplace offers you the flexibility and space to grow.


Our Tier III datacenters meet the highest standards of certification for information security.


Careful management of our use of energy is a key pillar at Dataplace. Our datacenters are designed to be as sustainable as possible, through the use of energy-efficient cooling systems, climate control and sustainable materials as well as other features. We are also powered completely by renewable wind energy.

Excited by the potential of outhousing your IT infrastructure?

Thanks to continuous testing, maintenance, expansion and improvement of our infrastructure, we have achieved a continuity and uptime of 100% for our customers since we first opened our doors. Find out how this can benefit your business also. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities without obligation, or put together your own package now using the link to the right.