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Whitepaper: Infrastructure as a Service

To keep full control over managing the application and data landscape, more and more organizations are adopting a hybrid cloud environment. Download our whitepaper.

The transition to the cloud is now commonplace in the IT sector. Many organizations are explicitly looking at the possibilities that the various cloud models, such as the private, hybrid and public cloud, have to offer. These options offer a great deal of scope for innovation. Infrastructure as a Service, hereinafter referred to as IaaS, is a service model within a (hybrid) cloud strategy.

Fast and successful innovation with Infrastructure as a Service

In which ways is the hybrid cloud a catalyst for fast and smart innovation? And where should you pay attention when transforming your IT infrastructure to such a type of environment? In this whitepaper, we explore the multifaceted possibilities of the hybrid cloud. You'll read about it:

- Hybrid becomes the norm;
- IaaS as a building block of innovation;
- Fast and successful innovation;
- The total solution of Dataplace;
- Points of attention when migrating to a hybrid cloud.

Download our whitepaper (dutch version). The english version is coming soon. 

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