Foto van een server in een datacenter van Dataplace.


Companies that need secure and flexible connections to public cloud providers can opt for an end-to-end Cloud Connect.

More and more enterprises of all sizes are working in the public cloud, and with the increase in cloud adoption, improved connectivity between the cloud and local IT environments has also become a lot more important.

Efficient cloud connectivity is all too often complex, expensive and has a negative impact on performance. Dataplace believes that cloud connectivity should meet the same requirements as the cloud: it should be secure, private, flexible and easy to use. For this reason, Dataplace has developed a universal way to connect multiple clouds - Cloud Connect - which provides direct access to Microsoft Azure.

Direct access to the public cloud

Companies in need of secure and flexible connections to public cloud providers can choose an end-to-end Cloud Connect. By using a Cloud Connect instead of other forms of connectivity such as the public Internet or MPLS, companies can take full advantage of the flexibility offered by the public cloud without having to worry about security or performance. End-to-end Cloud Connect adapts to an organization's needs. This avoids the need to make network changes when new locations are added, for example.

The key benefits for you at a glance:

  • Secure private connections with guaranteed bandwidths;
  • Maximum care for your connectivity to the public cloud;
  • You can purchase all your infrastructure services from a single provider.