Speer IT

We promise our customers an uptime of 99.9% - that is only possible if this can be matched by our datacentre also
Kees Jonker — CEO with Speer IT
Speer IT

Speer IT is specialised in the registration of fiber-optic networks

Almost all the major market players have registered their networks with Speer IT. The unique registration systems enable the firms to map, assess and analyse their networks. If a cable is defective, for example, Speer IT's software can easily locate the problem so that steps can quickly be taken to resolve it.

Every day, hundreds of people use the solutions delivered by Speer IT. As they monitor their own network through a secure, closed environment, Speer IT has a major responsibility for keeping the programs up and running at all times. Kees Jonker, Speer IT CEO, explains: "Continuity is very important. That could not always be guaranteed at our previous datacenter. After a series of malfunctions resulting in repeated downtime, we decided that a move to another datacenter was of utmost importance for our customers."

Searching for a reliable partner

In the search for another datacenter, Speer IT considered various options. Says Jonker, "As continuity is important not just for us, but also has a direct impact on the business continuity of our customers, we view a datacenter as a true partner. Together, we must ensure that our end users can use our software 24/7." 

Dataplace provides us with the right mix of an extensive range of services, flexibility and an excellent price-quality ratio.”

We took little time in selecting Dataplace. Says Jonker, "The services offered, the excellent price-quality ratio and the good communication with Dataplace's representatives quickly won us over. But flexibility is also very important. For example, while it is essential to make good provision for security and access authorisation, you don't want to face all manner of procedural hassle whenever you visit the datacenter. Dataplace knows how to get this balance just right."

One call enough

Speer IT's system administrators have regular, and good, contact with Dataplace's staff. Says Jonker, "I personally have had no contact with the datacenter for probably a year now. That says enough, I think. At the same time, I know that if I do phone them, I'll be put through to the right person straight away. That efficiency and ease of communication are very reassuring."

Together, we must ensure that our end users can use our software 24/7.”

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The importance of a stable infrastructure for the clients of Koninklijke Kentalis cannot be understated”

Nord van den Aakster — Senior Network Administrator with Koninklijke Kentalis
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Portretfoto van Dave Aaldering.

Thanks to our partnership with Dataplace, we can offer our customers the best of both worlds.”

Dave Aaldering — CEO with Breedband Arnhem
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