Portretfoto van Wouter Selen.


A stable and reliable system is essential not just for us, but for all internet users in the Netherlands
Wouter Selen — Network Engineer at SIDN with SIDN

SIDN manages the registration of all .nl domain names

Every new .nl domain name that is created is registered by SIDN. The organisation also ensures that all these domains can be reached. In 2018, there were almost 6 million registered domains, which were called up by users around the world. Every day, SIDN's systems process more than a billion search queries.

Wouter Selen, Network Engineer at SIDN, explains the importance of a stable IT infrastructure: “It is essential for all internet users in the Netherlands that our systems operate stably. If we experience a malfunction then, in the most extreme case, it will be impossible to call up or access any .nl domain; something which is unthinkable in today's world. In addition, the datacenter is our primary production location. If our infrastructure breaks down, no new .nl domains can be created."

Dataplace's employees are always on hand to offer practical advice and assistance. Their support is invaluable.”

The datacenter is key to stable growth

SIDN has grown apace with the exponential growth of the internet. Says Selen, "We started off with one cabinet and now have eight cabinets housed at Dataplace. At our current rate of growth, we need a new cabinet every two years. We know we can rely on Dataplace to meet this need. This reassurance is vital to us, as we do not expect a slowdown any time soon."

Selen sees SIDN's future as one of constant growth, with Dataplace providing a stable basis. "We are delighted with the quality and continuity the datacenter provides us. As efficient climate control has become increasingly important in recent years, for example, Dataplace has noticeably invested in that area. We see clear and continuous advances, even when it comes to peripheral facilities."

We are just a satisfied customer, and with good reason.”

Communication between SIDN's employees and Dataplace also is always good. Says Selen, "Contact usually centres on scheduling a visit, or arranging access for an external engineer. Or if we need to implement a reconfiguration. Dataplace's employees always offer practical advice and assistance. And even if we just need a hand in resetting a server, for example, we know we can phone them anytime."

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