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Whether working from home, from abroad or from a building site - Dataplace makes it possible.
Rien Schouten — Manager ICT with Inbo

Inbo facilitates location-independent working from a virtual desktop

Inbo is a multidisciplinary agency that creates inspiring places in which people can feel at home, places that change along with their residents and users. This pioneering company provides services in the fields of urban strategy, architecture, engineering and interior design, and makes plans feasible, buildable and usable. Reflecting the fact that social issues are key criteria in many projects, Inbo creates not just buildings, but meeting places with social, environmental and economic impact.

Inbo's professionals work at various locations - in the Netherlands as well as abroad, at the office and on site. To enable working anytime, anywhere, and to create maximum flexibility, Inbo provides its employees with a virtual desktop. They can log in to this system online from anywhere in the world, with all the data and programs being called up from one central location.

The conditions in the datacenter are so good it would be next to impossible for us to simulate them”

Enhanced continuity, flexibility and independence

Having originally managed its central data storage itself, Inbo decided a few years ago to switch to Dataplace's datacenter. Rien Schouten, Manager ICT at Inbo, explains, "The conditions in the datacenter are so good it would be next to impossible for us to simulate them. The level of redundancy at Dataplace is so high that we are guaranteed continuity at all times, even in the event of a malfunction or other service outage."

In addition to improving continuity, the migration to Dataplace resulted in even greater location independence for Inbo. Says Schouten, "Not only are our professionals able to work on their own virtual desktop anywhere in the world, we have also become independent of our own office spaces. If one of our offices were to move, the impact now would be far less drastic than if we had to relocate our entire IT infrastructure as well. That flexibility brings its own reassurance."

The datacenter is brand new, uses advanced technologies and provides a full service range - Dataplace is both innovative and responsive to customer needs.”

Following the decision in favour of migration to a datacenter, Inbo initially approached multiple datacenters. Dataplace quickly emerged as the preferred choice, however: "The datacenter is ideally located for us, in the centre of the country and just a short twenty-minute drive from where I work. This is perfect, as it enables us to carry out maintenance and updates easily ourselves. Furthermore, Dataplace's price-quality ratio is excellent," says Schouten.

But it is Dataplace's progressive approach that is perhaps most appealing to Inbo. Says Schouten, "Dataplace is both innovative and responsive to customer needs. The datacenter is brand new, uses advanced technologies and provides a full service range. We can check our power consumption remotely, for example, and we can dispatch (external) professionals to carry out maintenance at the datacenter any time of the day. In addition, we can arrange most things ourselves through our customised online portal. Dataplace also regularly conducts tests, to check whether all the systems can operate on back-up power and equipment, should that ever be necessary. That eliminates the possibility of unpleasant surprises."

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