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Breedband Arnhem

Thanks to our partnership with Dataplace, we can offer our customers the best of both worlds.
Dave Aaldering — CEO with Breedband Arnhem
Breedband Arnhem

Regional market leader in fiber-optic internet services for businesses

The local internet provider's mission is to make Arnhem the fastest internet city in the world. Dave Aaldering, CEO of Breedband Arnhem, sees Dataplace as a valuable partner. "Together we can offer our customers the best of both worlds: a stable fiber-optic connection combined with a secure and reliable location for housing their ICT infrastructure. All under one roof."

The importance to Breedband Arnhem of good housing for its IT infrastructure is several-fold. Says Aaldering, "Creating a sound and stable network for our customers is our no.1 priority. For this we also depend on the datacenters where our network equipment is housed. As the stability afforded by a datacenter has an impact not only on our business continuity, but also that of our customers, it is vitally important for us to be able to rely absolutely and unconditionally on our datacenter partners. Furthermore, the datacenter is where our network connects to that of various other telecom providers. In that light, Dataplace's carrier-neutral policy has considerable advantages for our customers."

Dataplace's carrier-neutral policy has considerable advantages for our customers.”

Valuable partnership

Aaldering sees Dataplace not just as a stable basis for his business, but also as a valuable partner: "Our partnership is of great importance to us. It is evident from discussions with our customers that they want the facilities and services that Dataplace is able to provide, such as the possibility to acquire housing and fiber-optic internet access from a single provider. I am therefore delighted that we can provide them with that service. All under one roof, through one party - clear, transparent and simple. We value Dataplace's contribution; we are collaborative partners in every sense of the word."

While growth is never our underlying objective, it is the result of our fruitful cooperation with Dataplace, which enables us to provide the best possible service to a growing number of customers.”

For Aaldering it is beyond question that the partnership between Breedband Arnhem and Dataplace will deliver many benefits also into the future: "We continue to expand our fiber-optic network and expect more and more companies to house their ICT environment in datacenters and in the cloud. It goes without saying that our partnership with Dataplace is extremely valuable in this context, and that it will facilitate this growth." However, this growth is not the underlying objective: "The most important thing, the overriding consideration, is to provide our customers with excellent service and to make their lives as easy as possible. And if that leads to us growing also, then we consider it a bonus.

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